Aug 21

Almost here

The 2015-2016 College Football season is almost here.  In the second year of the college football playoff, Ohio State seems to be the team to beat.  Urban Meyer needs to solve his quarterback situation and figure out which of the 3 standouts will lead the team.  It seems like Braxton Miller has agreed to move to wide receiver and therefore narrowing the race to only J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones.  Either way, Ohio State should be there at the end.  Consensus is that TCU will be involved, USC or Baylor could be in the hunt as well.  Plenty of sources have either Alabama or Auburn in the final four, so the Iron Bowl could determine one of the teams.


Some of the coaching changes could have profound impacts on their new schools, conferences and potentially huge ramifications in the National Title hunt.  Jim Harbaugh in Michigan comes immediately to mind.  If he can somehow beat Ohio State, that would be monumental in the National Title race, but also in renewing this rivalry.  Jim McElwain at Florida could impact the SEC East race.  Most pundits have Georgia winning the division with a few others leaning towards Tennessee.  The Gators could shake things up pretty substantially if McElwain is able to get Florida playing well and spoil some dreams.


Aug 21

Here we go

This is a sports blog that looks beyond X’s and O’s.  While we certainly discuss those and do our share of arm chair quarterbacking, the aim is to explore second and third order effects of decisions made in the sport by players, coaches, management, league, etc.  Pages are designed above to offer you the opportunity to comment on each different sport.  This is sure to be contentious, but should offer a unique perspective and opinion.  Good dialogue, great discussion and some insightful comments are always welcome.